Thursday, January 10, 2013

holiday remix & some ramblings

Ok, I know I already went over the holidays, but I didn't do an iPhone photo dump, and some of the good 'uns were in there. 

This fantabulous poster was in the window at J&M Bookstore in downtown Auburn. EEE, I can't wait for next football season! Binky and I went shopping downtown for some Christmas gifts, and wouldn't ya know, we got mom a Gus Bus tshirt (among other things). 

Gus Malzahn was the offensive coordinator when Auburn won the NC a couple of years ago. He left to be head coach at Arkansas St., and then was hired back at Auburn as head coach. WOO! 

Aren't these lights funny? There is another Herring family in Dothan (not related to us), and they have these awesome lights. I really want my picture next to them..

 The "Bo Over the Top" game was on TV on Christmas day. I guess someone out there felt sorry for Auburn's season and gave us this little Christmas gift. Thanks, yall!

I didn't share some of the goodies I received! One was this book by one of my favorite blogging fam, Sherry and John of I also got the Design Sponge at Home book from another favorite blog,

My ma gave me a new television for my room! EEEE! I think she was tired of not being able to see the scores on game day whenever she came to visit. But whatever! So was I! The dinosaur I had from 10 years ago was needing to go on to greener pastures (aka the thrift store).

I also got this awesome Cam Newton Panthers jersey! YEAH! 

The ol' busted iPhone was finally replaced. The shiny white version is now my new wingman! I feel like I just got Lasik looking at the new clear screen. Glorious!

This Tervis Tumbler wasn't actually my gift (it was my uncle's), but isn't it hilarious?! It's colored to look like a beer!

I went to Sam's before New Year's and bought these goodies. And wouldn't ya know, I completely forgot to make the pizza rolls for the party.. What does that mean? PIZZA ROLLS FOR LUNCH EVERYDAY! There are 140 in that box y'all.. about 2 weeks worth of meals. Jealous?

This is why I've had so many Facebook posts about pizza rolls.. they are in my life everyday. 

Exhibit A:

Don't let the snowman fool you.. I call this the ring of fire. As I stated on fb, eating pizza rolls is kind of like playing Russian roulette. One doesn't feel too hot to eat when you touch it, then BAM! The fire of 1000 suns explodes on your tongue and you can't taste anything for 9 days.

I didn't have a picture of me and my sissy on NYE with my fancy camera. This grainy one is all we got!

These precious nuggets squeezed into the bathroom with me the other day while I was getting ready, so of course I needed to share it.

My schweet pup pups! 

Did I tell everyone I'm doing Beautiful Lengths? It's like Locks of Love, but it goes to make real hair wigs to women fighting cancer. I've only got a couple inches left before the big chop! The minimum is 8 inches if you were wondering or interested in donating as well! Click here for for information.

I took this selfie for y'all today to show how long it is. I kinda feel like a Kardashian with this crazy mane. I'll be sure to document when I cut off my ponytail, and show the new do' when it's time!

Ok, I PROMISE design stuff is coming up. I know everyone is sick of this being a scrapbook of my life, but I ain't got no time to do Creative Memories anymore, y'all! (Lately I've been dropping into a big ol' Southern accent and talking like a redneck. You're welcome). 

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