Monday, February 13, 2012


I have been a busy bee! Between house projects, Etsy orders, design contest duties, and building websites, I have barely had time to bloggie! It is nuts over here in my little world. 

Good news is I actually finished a project this weekend, so there will be a post on that later! I also finished up an Etsy order for 50 Class Reunion invitations and RSVPs that were shipped out today. It takes so long to cut each one out (le sigh) but it was worth it to get it sent out! 

The fashion show work is in full swing with designs to be sent in every couple of days. One of the layouts is for a light post!! I don't know why, but that makes me so excited!!! IT'S SIX FEET TALL! 

I have been updating my website, along with helping my dad create one for his business. I have been telling him he needs one for YEARS but he's finally agreed since customers recommended he have one. He told me he thought he'd be dead before he had to learn all this computer stuff (not funny dad!). Between teaching him URLs, SEO, and emails, it has been quite the learning experience. Ol' dad can build a car from the ground up, but he doesn't know how to turn on the computer.. he thought an email address was the same as a website. He's slowly coming around though! 

My schweet pup pups are wishing my schedule wasn't so busy. Diesel is staring at me now wishing I'd let him on the couch.

Before I peace out, I'll give you some bloggies that I love to read (and that have been updating more often than myself), so maybe you can satisfy your DIY reading until my next update! (I'm talking to you, Drew..): 
(full time blogger couple who DIY with their house. they just redid the kitchen. amazeballs)
(DIY couple in Chicago. the girl does pet paintings!)
(this girl lives in Bham and went to Auburn! all you Aubs out there, check out the man mountain room.. totally jealous. actually im jealous of her whole house) 
(awesome interiors pictures. you'll want to pin them all, i promise)
(lady who does interior design and DIY to fill the spaces, along with pretty interiors pictures)


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