Wednesday, February 22, 2012

you are beautiful

There is a movement in Birmingham. It uplifts people. It promotes positivity. And I'm obsessed. It's also kind of a secret.. Although if you live here, you've probably seen the messages.

Isn't it great? They are all over town. 

On old buildings..

On top of them.

In cursive..

In color.

Note the Alabama A. OBSESSED. And another AL shape:

Oooooo I wish I had a print of this!

This one is at the Peanut Depot on Morris Ave. downtown. And ya know, being from the peanut capital of the world, I am quite pleased with the placement of this one.

This one was my favorite. 

I use to pass it everyday. For some reason, it was painted over. 

This one was painted over too.. but in my opinion, it was for the better..

HA! Auburn orange and blue! 

Who paints these? Who knows?!? It's like we have our own Banksy! 
(He's a street artist from the UK, and his identity has never been revealed. I just watched "Exit Through the Gift Shop" this past weekend, which is a documentary about street art and had interviews with Banksy, among other things. I quite enjoyed it.) 

All this made me want to create a couple of posters. I may try some more fonts and layouts later on, but I like 'em so far! 

Here's one for my alma mater, Auburn University:
 Don't worry, I did a Bama one too!
Let me know if you want one! 

{All picture above are from the You Are Beautiful Birmingham facebook page. Go like em, yall!) 

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