Wednesday, February 1, 2012

new room color preview!

First off, let me start by saying I'm a little sad to see my old wall color gone. I had almost this exact same color blue in my old room at Auburn (ahhh memories..), so I've lived with it for about 6 years (broken up by the rental house my first year in Bham). I got the ol' seersucker comforter and based the wall color off it right before I moved into that house in AU. That blue is probably my most favorite color.

The furniture I have was bought when I moved into the house in Auburn as well. It's all white, and I still like it a lot, but recently it's felt real matchy matchy. Especially when my room is basically only blues and whites and there are 4 matching pieces (it use to be five until I took my bed apart). With the ball feet, and all the knobs being the same, and it being this way for SIX years, I decided it was time for a change. 

Before pictures! 

This was taken after I put the old curtains from downstairs up here (and put the white ones downstairs). So just imagine how bland it was with only the two main colors, blue and white. 

Other side of the room. Note the whiteness. And the need for a rug in here. Those red rugs were my roomie's that she so sweetly let me borrow after the carpet was removed. The white carpet.. JEEZ, why didn't I do anything about the blandness before now?!  

Time to prep the room for painting! 

For some reason there were these 3 inch long nails in the walls from the people who lived here before me. Maybe they ran out of small nails? Who knows.. I left them in there because the big holes in the walls were visible if I took them out.

My sweet puppy ripped the curtain rod off the wall THREE times. He loves to stand on my bed and look out the window, and if the curtains are in his way, he shows them who's boss.


Here are all the long as nails I pulled out of the wall, and the putty used to fill the holes. 

Here's the chosen paint color! Ionic Sky by Behr. 

Time to lay it on the walls! I started in the corner, and I was real nervous at first because it looked too light. 

I also didn't use painter's tape. Because I'm a rebel like that. 

And a step skipper.

And cheap.


It looked much better after the entire space was covered. This was after one coat.

With all my furniture pushed to the middle of the room.

Yes, the dogs sleep on the bed. And I don't need to hear any opinions on it. 

I dare you to go watch "Last Minutes with Oden" and not cry yourself to sleep while squeezing your pups as tightly as you can.

Go on. It's only 6 minutes. I'll wait. 

The dogs have slept with me every since I watched it. 

At least I have a doggie sheet to protect the bedding! And who could say no to this face?!?

I was tall enough to reach the top of the slanted wall with the roller! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?! I couldn't get above the window though. Ya win some, ya lose some.

I used big canvases to cover my windows while the curtains were down. I don't know why I'm using past tense... the canvases are still up there. I haven't put the curtains back up yet.

Awww my schweet boy. He likes to lay really close to the pillows. They're both really good sleepers. When I get up in the morning and go into the bathroom to get ready, they stay in the bed. They barely even lift their heads. They are also willing to sleep late on the weekends. I taught 'em well! 

Here it is with a second coat! 

The color is skewed in the pictures. Here it is with a flash below. Neither pictures look exactly like it does in real life.

There are a couple more touch up spots, and a bit of a "surprise" to be added. It's going to take forever, I do believe, so final pics will be up as soon as it's ready! 

To recap... before:

After Almost done! 

Tomorrow I'll be showing you the inspiration for my color palette! I'm shocked at what I'm going with.. It's not like anything downstairs. 

Yay for change! 

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