Wednesday, February 15, 2012

my new website, yall!

My new site is live, yall! 


I built it myself, like I did with the last one. It's easier to navigate than the old one in my opinion. I figured it's a step up, and it'll do until I get a professional one made.

Do you need a website? They are super easy to make. I'll give you the pros and cons from the two sites I've used: Weebly and Wix. I'll start with the first one I used.


1. tons of background options 
2. lots of fonts to choose from
3. easy to drag and drop

1. it's a flash site (aka doesn't work on iphones/ipads)
2. since it is flash, pages aren't displayed on separate urls (ex: it would always say, no matter what page you were looking at, as opposed to
3. you have to pay to have your own domain name (if you dont pay, they provide one for you, like


1. you can use your own domain name fo' free!
2. easy to drag and drop
3. you can edit the coding (i know just a wee bit so it was nice to be able to tweak colors and whatnot)

1. you have to pick a specific layout in the beginning with set color schemes (although some colors are editable) 
2. it's more structured than wix. some things cannot be moved around.

I guess it's just a matter of preference. I purchased my domain name through GoDaddy and it was easy to change the records to point to the new site, so if I ever want to go back to Wix, I can. 

I hope everyone likes it! It's definitely a work in progress, so I'll constantly be adding things.



  1. The design of the fish in your blog banner looks like my uncle's coil tattoo. It looks professionally made. How many years have you been creating web designs for clients?

    Lawrence Spring

    1. I actually drew that fish, then scanned it, and manipulated it on Photoshop. So funny that it looks like your uncle's tattoo! I have been doing logos for a few years now. I'm so glad you like the fish!

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