Monday, February 20, 2012

with every page, turn turn turn

I just turned three times because there are three new pages, y'all! 

(Do you like how many of the bloggie titles are song lyrics? It gives me something to sing while I write.)

Two of the pages are up top there: dining room and living room. Now that many projects have been completed, and my house is finally coming together, I figure it would be nice to gather all the pictures in one place. Most are from the before and after posts I did last month, but as the rooms are updated, I will add new pictures so anyone looking for just house post can find them there! I'll add more rooms as I get them finished!

The third is a sweet new baby facebook page! I'm going to post little tidbits on there, like where I find all my goodies, photos of glorious things I find, and pictures of projects that may not warrant an entire bloggie post. I'll also start posting the bloggies on there once they're finished (I'm going to ween them off my own profile). I hear Google is taking away the "following" feature (over there on the right) so I would love to see who all likes what they're herring! Sadly, fb wouldn't let me have a lowercase "i". Le sigh. You'll still know it's me from the ever present fish logo though! Click here to go like the facebook page! 

I added a link to facebook and pinterest up on the top right of the blog. I'm still trying to figure out how to add the buttons, so in the meantime, I just put some text links up there. 


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