Thursday, February 16, 2012

nice shades

I finally got some shades up in the den! (WOO!) I found them at trusty ol' Garden Ridge (across from Sam's in Irondale, for those who live here). Let's have a looksie! 

I needed three to fit my long window. They're actually vinyl, made to look like bamboo.

And check out that price: $9.99 each! I looked at custom curtains online, and it was going to cost me from $120-250 dollars for the choices I liked! I checked for one long one to fit the window, and three short ones, and none of them came close to $30 total.

I unprofessionally hung them up with command strips.. lame, I know. My window casings are made of metal, so rather than fight with that, I decided this was the way to go. The good news is you can't really see it. 

Here it is right before I hung them with the wilt-y white curtains. 

Ta da! 

This was right after I hung them, without fixing the curtains..

In the daytime! 

I probably should've cut the warning tags off so there wasn't a shadow behind the shades. Oopsie.

I love the look! 

Whatchu think, D-man?
(he cocks his head to the side like this whenever you ask a question)

I love it, ma! 

I'm thisclose to being finished with this room.

Who am I kidding? Rooms are never finished!! 

Do you like the watermark I added to the bottom right of the pictures? I decided in this age of pinning and pulling photos from bloggies, I should probably put a stamp on my pictures. Now people will know where to go to find this color obsessed home owner.

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